Monday, February 4, 2013

Fuck Islam? Fuck people.

This too is an older video, but one that I think paints a pretty picture of the kind of horrific nonsense people are capable of.

Yes, people. Despite popular thinking, I do not have any desire to shit all over Muslims or any other kind of religious group. It is people who commit these acts; how they are brainwashed into being capable of doing so is irrelevant in my opinion.

Just another fine day on planet Earth, another example of why man is the most vicious animal of them all.

This particular beheading took place because the victim converted to Christianity according to the information I was able to dig up. Not that it fucking matters really, since I am not really trying to make a point by posting it except maybe that it did not make a difference whose God this poor bastard chose to believe in.

Oh, and also, fuck Islam anyway. Just because I feel dirty sounding like I am trying to be apologetic towards their backwards agenda.

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