Friday, March 29, 2013

The Cultured Thug

I recently discovered Tumblr, and found it really useful for the things I want to do as a blogger.

Hand in hand with a wordpress account, it seems to be a lot more effective as a general tool for socializing, and I can share the odd tidbit of strangeness in between longer essays without making them entirely different posts altogether.

If you have liked anything I do in the past, I would highly recommend following me there.

For a direct link to my recent essay.

Please keep in mind that this new site, much like Rotting Earth, has absolutely nothing to do with Satanism especially in light of some of the things I have been expressing here. It doesn't mean that the topic won't come up from time to time, but certainly, it will be an outside perspective when it does.

Friday, March 22, 2013

The Sum Up

This bit by Jonathan Bowden perfectly describes my own views on religiosity at this time. There is a great appeal in religion historically, though if someone were to ask my what my "faith" was today, I would have no choice to answer, at the very least, "I am agnostic" for a lack of a better description. Some might argue that Satanism should realistically fit the bill since it recognizes the need for dogma, but the sort of temporary suspension of disbelief, and the return to an atheistic viewpoint thereafter is something I find to be disconnected and personally impossible to engage in. I know I am exhausting this topic thoroughly, but the truth is, Satanism was a part of my life for the better part of six or seven years, so I have been putting a lot of thought into this.

"Religion doesn't exist"

Speaking of Satanism, I wanted to talk quickly about something else before I go too far off on a tangent away from the aim of this blog - whatever it might be at this point, although I know it isn't to spread my own brand of political idealism or wax about philosophy.

The intellectual laziness that often results in people adopting a secular viewpoint is just as dangerous for the modern world as the unwavering devotion of many to outdated organized religion. I use the term outdated in a very limited way; the structural nature of Roman Catholicism, and of different Christian sects are not the sort of thing I could ever find myself buying into. I have talked a bit about faith, and how spirituality of one kind or another was the reason I decided to leave the Church of Satan, but the root of this doesn't lie in personal spiritual awakening, rather a growing frustration with the utterly simplistic reactionary view many hold which lead them to "alternative" paths such as Satanism to begin with.

In my opinion, Satanism exists to appeal to only an extremely rare sort of individual. It could almost be said that it is truly a religion for one man alone; the late Anton Szandor LaVey, who established it in the first place. That is because it is a fiercely individualistic perspective, and that is why the Church of Satan is very strict on the notion that it is not a "grab bag" religion of any kind; it is meant for an extremely specific sort of individual, and as such, is entirely elitist and exclusionary.

It is almost ironic, therefore, that it should be a philosophy which is so straight forward and easy to digest. The Satanic Bible is pithy; most profess to reading through it in a day or so, and it is not a book open to any interpretation. Apart from the tongue-in-cheek approach, and the heavy reliance on colorful language to express certain ideas, The Satanic Bible can be understood in a cursory overview by all but the most simplistic. Only those who are actively looking for it to be deeply esoteric will mistake fact for fiction, or will become confused about topics such as Greater Magic, and ultimately be led to forums or the CoS webpage itself for clarification on these issues.

Many will eventually come to understand what is being said. Some will not. It is beyond their understanding, most likely, which makes them even more pathetic specimens for quite literally not being able to follow straightforward, simple instructions. These are the sorts of people the CoS wants to filter out.

And yet, in our current society of religious backlash, the adoption of atheistic and agnostic tendencies by the simple minded in lieu of any research or real work, Satanism becomes attractive precisely because of the filters it uses; the imagery of Satan, the sigil of Baphomet, and Redbeard-infused fury found within the pages of the tiny paperback itself. It has attracted swarms of would-be "Satanists" who are often little more than victims of the current counter-culture, and not really interested in the mantra that "Satanism demands study, not worship" except for purely egotistical reasons; they want to feel like they have done their homework, when most of them will barely read The Satanic Bible itself, let alone the rest of the essential canon by Anton LaVey.

They will all have the same story, echoed from the forward by the current High Priest Peter H. Gilmore. They will claim that it acted as a mirror, reflecting what they are back at them exactly. The difference between them and Mr. Gilmore, is that he was a man who already spent an inordinate amount of time in the arts, music, and no doubt, absorbing knowledge from many other sources apart from The Satanic Bible in order to understand the roots of LaVey's work, and to comprehend why LaVey reached the conclusions he did both philosophically, and from an esoteric perspective concerning his own concept of Satanic magic. It seems almost unfair to have anything less than a deep background of understanding in all matters before penetrating the pages of The Satanic Bible; such understanding is crucial in making a decision to adopt such a narrow, specific label, and it was a mistake I was guilty of also.

My point here is that while I understand peoples need to forge a path for themselves, many of them are doing the exact opposite. I have heard this before, but it was even more amusing coming from a friend who, in a conversation with a couple of lazy, apathetic dullards about religion, they both proclaimed their own atheistic tendencies, proceeding to say that "Religion doesn't exist." She tried to correct their simple yet bumbling error, explaining to them that religion does indeed exist, but that they simply do not hold any beliefs, but even after laying it out clearly in simple language, they still said she was "wrong" and proceeded to start talking about how the "bible was bullshit" and all sorts of slack-jawed, anti-intellectual nonsense that you see repeated on a daily basis by people who truly have no right to be doing so.

Atheism or even nihilism are not inherently "wrong" per se; but the willingness now of the masses to eat them up is a prospect I find totally frightening for several reasons. Essentially, people who are far better off being God-fearing slaves are now believing that life has no intrinsic meaning, and adopting a sense of individualism that they don't deserve. Some of them are trying, rather gutlessly, to take ideas as Satanism unto themselves without having any kind of knowledge of where it came from, or what it really means because they are far too lazy to do the work to reach those same conclusions themselves. If it can't be absorbed in one paperback, or an internet F.A.Q. it isn't for them, and that is precisely why it isn't for them, but why they will go ahead and try to take it anyways.

Atheism and many related viewpoints have now become an easy way out for many people; one that requires no more than a couple of YouTube videos to adopt, one that doesn't require an endless lifetime of hard work and study; the true path to any kind of real, personal enlightenment. People now will scoff at the idea of any kind of esoterism simply based on the fact that the idea of anything spiritual scares the shit of them; they are so terrified by the prospect of any kind of higher existence because they know they have fucked up. They know they live lives of hedonism and self abuse, immoral and unethical (simply in the terms of having no morals and ethics at all because, again, they are too lazy to make any attempt to determine their own values) that atheism is an excuse to do what they want completely guilt free without any fear of reprisal.

Satanism, as interesting as it is, should be far more of a fringe practice than it now is. It's simply too good for the simple masses, and because of my great respect for the hierarchy running the organization, and the philosophy itself, the only thing I am glad about is that the Church of Satan is probably bringing in a decent handful of bills from morons who will be called out for their bullshit before they have a chance to do too much damage. Some of them will inevitably hang out in copycat forums or with losers like Paul Douglas Valentine, and won't be a blemish on the face of the CoS.

That is the state of things. So incredibly poor that many a good thing will be ruined. While atheism and nihilism were once seen as virtues, they are now lowest common denominator beliefs adopted by the intellectually lazy, and gobbled up in quotable tidbits. Organized religion is so severely dated that any kind of spirituality is now viewed by these people as some kind of kryptonite, even if there are many alternative faiths that don't rely on heavy fees, group prejudice, and other sorts of fear mongering bully tactics. Just because you grew up oppressed by a Catholic regime does not mean that any and all things spiritual are inherently bad; it might mean Catholicism is, or that your parents were shitheads for imposing it on you, but the world has an incredibly rich history of religiosity waiting to be discovered.

I think there is value in exploring these ideas, even if no kind of faith is ever adopted. Simply shutting ones brain down, switching the blinders on and saying "nope, I don't believe in nothing" based on a cursory reading of "The God Delusion" that your coffee shop compadres suggested to you seems like the laziest possible path one can take, and is one done out of total fear and ignorance; the same kind that these folks would criticize the deeply religious for.

That being said, if after a lifetime of study you have determined that there is nothing, so be it. But the spiritual journey, which starts in the books and shouldn't end until you are in your last moments of life, shouldn't be ignored. Like many good books, it's the journey itself, and not the final conclusion.

I don't believe in anything, and there is a chance I never will. But I would find it morally unethical to take any other path at this point, or adopt any label, without first doing some serious homework.

Perhaps I will eventually be led back to where I started. I don't really care a this point. All I know is that, for honesty's sake alone, I cannot use a label without a deep understanding of it, and where it came from. And I cannot lie and call myself an "atheist" a "nihilist" or even a "Satanist" without having a rich knowledge of religiosity and spirituality from a historical perspective, which is not something that can be done in a day.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thoughts on Satanism

I am choosing to post this both here and on my older "stomping ground" since it will be mostly relevant to whatever remaining fragment of an audience I have that still visits my blogs (which I am assuming is somewhere in the arena of "none", but you can never be too sure.) Since people who read me are generally funneled in from Satannet, which is the only place I "advertise" with a small signature below my rarely used profile, I figured it pertinent to clear up my views - for no other reason than to make it clear for anyone who has visited before solely on the basis that I am a member of the Church of Satan that they no longer have a reason to "check in" if they aren't interested in what little content I produce here.

That being said...

Just recently, after about six years of affiliation, I decided that I no longer fit with the ranks of the Church of Satan. It was a decision not made hastily - unlike my decision to join originally which was fueled by my "angry young man" syndrome and angst - and it is one I have put a lot of thought into.

I have had a few meaningful collaberations, and many a great online conversation with other Satanists during that time, but my involvement was very limited otherwise. I had no desire to apply for active membership, feeling I had nothing to contribute at the time, and I still feel that way. And although I don't disagree with too many key points that the philosophy of Satanism expounds, there is enough of a shift in my viewpoint that I no longer feel totally in line with the philosophy. And for me, honesty is the best policy; I refuse to adopt an identity moniker that I am not 100 percent in cohesion with.

Some of the common misunderstandings with new members arise from this desire to "fit in" to the program despite key differences of opinion, and the end result is usually them finding their way out the door through their own action or the action of the hierarchy when it becomes pretty clear that they don't fit the bill. I completely agree with this meritocratic approach, and I think this must be one of the frustrating jobs of the hierarchy; to constantly push against the onslaught of hipster followers who are so excited by the initial idea of adopting such a forbidden title for themselves that they actually forget to read any of the core material or canon involved before signing their papers and sending in their membership fees.

If you can't agree totally with something, you cannot consider it a part of your identity. If labels are what you seek, you had better be sure they describe you completely. But that is neither here nor there. I have made my decision, and it is an honest one because of this belief.

So where do I disagree? Where is it that I find Satanism to be completely irreconcilable with my own personal worldview, and what prompted me to decide that it wasn't, ultimately, for me?

It boils down to one simple thing; atheism. Whatever atheistic tendencies I have had in the past have been swept under the rug recently for various reasons. This is not an admission of new found faith, either; more a realization that I find the "self worship" of the CoS to be repugnant, and one of the greatest contributing factors to the first phase ego inflation so many new members go into; one that they find liberating, for reasons I fully understand, but which never really applied to me.

Satanism is interesting precisely because it is not a simple inversion of Christian beliefs, not devil worship of any kind. Despite it's fairly clear seperation from this, many seem to be attracted to the CoS due to some kind of religious persecution in their lives, which is something I have never really experienced. I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that I have never once felt myself criticized for my distinctly anti-religious (more specifically, anti-religious establishment) qualities, so I have no real reason to feel any sort of disdain or rebellion against religiosity. In fact, as a general rule of thumb, I find super liberal atheism and related anti-religious bullying to be a lot more irritating for whatever reason, probably due to my belief that humanity is largely in decline, and this kind of humanist "liberation" is at least partly to blame.

I am anti-religious establishment. The Church of Satan excluded, but my growing distaste for materialism and self-centric egotism that has been growing over the past few months has all but excluded me from eligibility in that establishment, in my personal opinion.

Politically or otherwise, it's important to remember that the Church of Satan has no bearing or requirement for political affiliation. I definitely hold some more radical right wing viewpoints than I did even a year ago, but this is irrelevant to my shift in philosophical perspective as far as the Church of Satan is concerned. The differences in my opinion are very small; but they are still differences. And I think it would be dishonest to ignore them and try to continue fitting into a mold that is no longer comfortable. I no longer feel comfortable or proud calling myself a Satanist, and as such, the label is now of no use to me, and has to be shed. The initial thrill of the forbidden has all but completely dissipated, and since my own personal views are kept fiercely well guarded, including my affiliation, being a card holding member no longer has any personal benefit for me; and it certainly doesn't benefit the CoS to have me as a member in any way, either.

It's pretty simple. I just felt like writing about it because despite my difference in opinion, I actually find the CoS, and Satanism, to be a pretty interesting cabal of people, not to mention a fascinating and incredibly bold philosophy. While it may not be one that is for me any longer, I would definitely not be adversed to talking about it in the future; albeit from an outsiders perspective, one that I think would actually be rare in comparison to a lot of the all-for/all-against viewpoints out there concerning Satanism. Very few people on the outside really "get it", and I'm sure a lot of folks who were on the inside who have since changed their minds were never really in it to begin with, and are now lashing out with tongue and keyboard against the organization that "wronged" them so, a result entirely of their own idiocy and lack of understanding.

I no longer consider myself a Satanist; but I definitely consider myself a "fan", as it were, of Satanism. It is one organization I will certainly continue to follow from a purely observational perspective, even though I no longer personally identify with its values.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


What a surprise! A subhuman piece of degenerate shit shouting "God is Great" while simultaneously hurting one of "God's" creatures. These people should be wiped off the face of the Earth.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

PETA and Criminal Activism

I am only posting this to shed light on the other side of the coin. To keep things perfectly crystal clear, I am against any kind of activism that breaks the law or infringes on others' legal rights.

Rotting Earth is transforming into a place for me to express my personal values as someone who is against the mistreatment of animals, and humans' active role in destroying the world around them. It is observational, and while I definitely support global change, the point of my blog is pretty clear; we are doomed to a dying world, and even if we do manage to affect change, the world won't be around forever.

I choose a lifestyle of minimizing my impact on other living things and on being more environmentally sound as a personal liberation, and not to inspire others to do the same. I frankly couldn't give a fuck what other people do because I am realistic about the rapid declination of civilization. You could argue I do it to be "morally superior", but I like to look at it another way; it's one more way for me to separate myself from the insanity of the herd.

I am not interested in sitting around at a vegetarian pot luck dinner and feeling like I am somehow making a difference. There are more tangible things I can do in order to do that, and it starts at home. But where it ends shouldn't be firebombing, bullying, and violence.

Rotting Earth exists to shed light on violent nature of humanity. When the time comes where I feel like I want to do something more tangible, it will be followed through in a thoroughly researched, legally sound manner.

As for the Bullshit episode, I DO think humans are on equal ground to non-human animals. And I DON'T find comparisons of mass produced, murdered animals to be fundamentally different from the events of the holocaust. We are all animals. I also do understand fang and claw, and the natural order, and hunting an animal and using every part of it is something I do find to be fundamentally FAR less abhorrent than meat processing plants. If I were out in the wild, and forced to survive, I would kill, like any other animal, to eat if I had too. But living in the Western world, I have the opportunity to forgo involvement in those industries on levels others don't, so I choose to take advantage of that privilege - plain and simple. It's about minimizing impact to me, wherever possible, and eliminating my involvement in an industry I feel is contributing to things I find to be against my personal values.

I am selfish, and I don't believe there is hope for the world. I am in this for me. Being a Satanist, that should come as little surprise to anyone who has a grasp on the values I hold. But it's something I feel I need to press so that I am not incidentally associated with the wrong kinds of people - humanitarians and extremists alike. I am not on either side of the coin. I am on my own side.

Foie Gras

Dear Mom: Thank you for giving me the idea to post this in my horrible, disgusting blog. I hope you don't cry when you see it.

Animal Testing

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Friday, February 15, 2013

A Famous Vegetarian

Since writing my last rant, my views have slightly been altered by an influx of knowledge I receieved after some extensive research on the subject. I quickly switched over to a vegan diet, although I'm almost ashamed to say so; taking a trip to the local community health store was like walking into the fires of hell, where the demons were hipsters wearing loafers with no socks, and dreadlocks.

The fundamental difference between us? While many of them switched because Ghandi was a vegetarian, I switched because Hitler was.

Remarkably, as soon as the Nazi Party came to power in 1933, they began to enact scores of animal protection laws, some of which are still operative in Germany. (See here for the 1933 legislation.) For example, in Nazi Germany, people who mistreated their pets could be sentenced to two years in jail. The Nazis banned the production of foie gras and docking the ears and tails of dogs without anesthesia, and they severely restricted invasive animal research. The Nazi Party established the first laws insuring that animal used in films were not mistreated and also mandated humane slaughter procedures for food animals and for the euthanasia of terminally ill pets. (The Nazis were particularly concerned with the suffering of lobsters in restaurants). In addition, the German government established nature preserves, a school curriculum for the humane treatment of animals, and they hosted one of the first international conferences on animal protection

It's long been debated by moral Zionists if Hitler was really a vegetarian or not. How could that be? The villainized inhuman bastard who commited one of the worst genocides (not really) in world history actually had values of some sort?

If I had my choice between saving a Jew or a cat, that isn't any kind of a choice at all. If I had my choice between saving a human of ANY creed or a cat, that isn't any choice at all.

Was he a vegetarian? Arluke and Sax think so. Hitler once told a female companion who ordered sausage while they were on a date, "I didn't think you wanted to devour a dead corpse...the flesh of dead animals. Cadavers!" Hitler claimed that meat-eating was a major factor of the decline of civilization and that vegetarianism could rejuvenate society. His henchman Goebbels wrote in his diary, "The Fuhrer is a convinced vegetarian, on principle. His arguments cannot be refuted on any series basis. They are totally unanswerable."

Anti-Nazi propagandists will always try to dehumanize every single living soldier in the Third Reich because it would shatter their narrow minded worldview and actually give them one less ancestral thing to bitch about on a daily basis. But the Nazi's, like all people, weren't of a single track mind; Hitler was an advocate of animal rights, often over human rights.

I can't say I don't agree with him. I think all animal testing we do should be carried out solely on human animals. But I think there are plenty of prisons we can take from, rather than singling out a specific ethnic group.


Thursday, February 14, 2013

With Apologies From The Mayans...

"Sorry, I guess our predictions were a tad early."

“A meteorite exploded above the Chelyabinsk region (of the Urals). The shock wave blew out windows in several places,” but no meteor fragments hit the ground, an emergencies ministry spokesman told the Interfax news agency. “According to the preliminary information, four people were injured by flying glass,” the ministry added. An agency report spoke of several injuries. Witnesses cited by news agencies spoke of hearing loud explosions which led to panic among residents in the thinly-populated region. The meteor shower came hours before the close encounter with 50m-wide asteroid 2012 DA14, which will pass just 34,000 kilometres from Earth early tomorrow, Australian time, potentially interfering with communication satellites. The asteroid - which will be visible in parts of Australia - would leave a crater up to one kilometre wide if it hit Earth. Meanwhile evidence of a massive asteroid strike about 300 million years ago has been found in central Australia. Research from the Australian National University says the East Warburton Basin in northeast South Australia contains evidence thought to be caused by an asteroid measuring 10 to 20 kilometres in diameter that hit Earth more than 298 million years ago.

THE END IS NIGH. Well, probably not. Cool video though.


Humane Treatment

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Greater Good

Although this blog is specifically designed to be a buffet-style look at the bizarre, grotesque, and macabre, I don't mind posting something relevant to my "cause" every once in awhile, and this is something that has been on my mind lately.

First off, if I were to describe my worldview in a word, it would be "disenchanted." I have come to a conclusion that human progress as it stands is something of an illusion, and that things are getting worse at a rate where this no possibility of salvation. The overpopulation problem, the growing damage to the environment around us, and an obsession with vices and popular opinion have reached a devastating high. In short, I don't hold a lot of faith in the human species, so I focus exclusively on looking out for myself and the people close to me - the rest of them be damned.

That being said, there are some issues I hold close to my heart. For however long humans continue to writhe and ferment like the growing yeast they are, we will continue to ruin the world around us, and this is a problem I find to be unforgivable. The decline of our civilization is inevitable, and one day we will likely be wiped out by a cataclysm or some other life destroying event that will render us effectively extinct. I just hope it happens before we make it out into space and start ruining the rest of the galaxy, but like a galactic etch a sketch, the universe has plenty of ways to wipe the slate clean through natural causes alone. We are a doomed creature one way or another, and finite, both on a small scale and in the big picture. But in the meantime, we also must look for meaning in our own lives, and in order to stay sane despite this inevitability, should find things we think to be valuable and hold them close to us. The environment is one of those things for me, and anything I can do to fight back against the rushing tide of subhuman filth ever polluting the desolate shores of existence will, at the very least, give me just one more reason to wake up every day.

Truth be told, most animal rights activists, vegetarians, and any other collective that is in favor of helping the world around them are full of lunatics who I am not interested spending a single second with. People who think animals talk to them, and who talk about the "spirituality" of animals, or any of this other bullshit are just as reprehensible to me as the people actively killing the planet, just because they are all fundamentally irritating in one way or another. It's actually embarrassing to actually be seen "going green" because I simply don't want to be associated with this self-righteous brand of back-patting faggotry.

But the cause shouldn't suffer just because the people who support it are insufferable. I am definitely all for taking action to help the preservation of the environment, the protection of animals (not animal "rights", since human "rights" themselves are, too, a fallacious illusion believed by only the most short-sighted) and other related causes that will help to preserve the planet in the coming years. Although I am largely concerned with my own life, the life of my children and the people I love (and their children) are of equal importance to me, because without those rare few individuals whose company I cherish so much, life would be something less than it is. And at its lowest low, I have found it can be pretty unbearable, even in such good company.

I have made the choice to become a vegetarian, not out of the ethical conundrum of being omnivorous, but simply out of the choice to stop supporting an inefficient industry and the polluted, ruined food it provides. I have no interest in becoming vegan; valuable nutrients and vitamins such as B12 can be obtained from animal foods ALONE, and I am not at all a believer in purely relying on a supplement to get what nature expects of us. But cutting out the eating of flesh is something I am all for. If I had to eat meat to survive, I certainly would. But at this point, I don't feel that is a necessity. Eggs and dairy are fine in my books, though I would prefer finding alternative sources for those things rather than a big brand grocery store.

This leads me to the real point I am trying to make; supporting local causes. A long time ago, a dear friend of mine and I had a lengthy discussion about operating as a close knit community, rather than relying constantly on the consumerism of big business in order to survive. The exchange of resources on a local level is a far more idyllic way to live than existing constantly at the bottom of the oppressive, systemic pyramid of faceless corporate entities. It isn't so much to make a stand; it's more about being self efficient in my opinion, and knowing just where your hard earned money is going - directly into the pockets of people who you can meet, and actually want to support. I hate knowing my dollars are going to support some suited degenerate narcissist scumbag who will simply use it with the singular purpose of acquiring more of it, only to hang himself in a hotel room one night because he can't figure out why his retarded ass is so fucking miserable.

I don't want anything from society anymore. The human race is as loathsome to me as it ever has been. And this revelation doesn't come as a result of depression or loneliness, but instead, is directly affected by my increased mental stability over the last two months. Going through hard times and climbing out of the bottom of the void opened my eyes, and after completely rejecting all forms of time-wasting media and entertainment, and focusing exclusively on restructuring my worldview and immersing myself in my own epicurean world, I was able to make several vital decisions as to what my plan of action would be - and what purpose I would adopt for myself as a human being always teetering on the very edge of extinction.

Find what works. Immerse yourself in the things you enjoy. Weed out the rest. Systematically reject the people who waste your time, and feed on your emotions. Embrace the ones who don't.

I have no time for the cancerous subhumans who I have dealt with in the past, and who do little more than to physically suck energy and time from everyone around them because they are too depressed and miserable to look themselves in the mirror. Death is too good for these social lampreys who constantly ask for something, and offer nothing of value in return, emotional or otherwise. They need to be exterminated with extreme prejudice. This is a lesson EVERYONE would be better of learning sooner than later, although many people thrive on the masochism and false "altruism" they feel when lifting these loathsome, worthless scumbags up on their shoulders only to be trampled on at any given opportunity.

The modern world can go fuck itself. All that matters to me now is me and mine; I don't need to justify my decisions to anyone but myself. And I choose to minimize my connections with the hive mind of planet Earth whenever humanly possible. At the same time, living a completely selfish, hedonistic lifestyle is not something I can find joy in for long. So I also choose to adopt a purpose, to do what I can, starting in small ways, to help to protect the world around me. Not because I have anything to prove, but because we all need a reason, and a place, to live. I'd rather see the planet I exist on do better than worse, even with the knowledge of its inevitable, unstoppable destruction. I'd rather go out with a fight because to do anything else would be against the one thing I stand for; self-preservation.

People simply can't be my reason to live. And I have no interest in devoting my time and energy to helping the unfortunate dregs of society. My philanthropy exists out of spite for their existence, the parasitic infestation that they are. Animals are better than people, and they, and the natural environment they inhabit, deserve a hell of a lot more help than people do.

Just my ranting opinion, but it's a pretty clear outline about how I feel. If you are reading this you're in my good books; if you aren't, I'm not dangerous to you anyways - you'll never see me because I'll be avoiding you at every possible opportunity.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Japan Hates The Sea

I found this completely by coincidence. What the fuck, Japan? why u hate ocean?

The next time I hear some whining little faggot try to defend cultural stupidity like this, I am going to clap them a good one in the jaw. Animal cruelty is animal cruelty, and it's one of those things I am thoroughly becoming more and more sick of as time goes on. I have never inherently been against the idea of eating animals for food, but a humane death should be a bare minimum, always.

This is the kind of shit that propels me into activism of some kind, more and more. There is something really bothersome about four people laughing as they hold a live creature onto an open flame. I don't know of too many other animals who kill for fun like this. Fuckers.

Spetsnaz GRU

People training to kill other people; there is almost nothing else more exciting and impressive to witness. The human body can be pushed in unfathomable ways, and the mind, doubly so.

I have a fascination with the Nazi's as if anyone can't tell by this point, mainly due to their use of symbolism and an empirical mentality, but also because of their bureaucratic efficiency in weeding out "enemies of the state". This is before even getting down to their brilliant military tactics and their ability to pump out such loyal soldiers. But another group I've been digging recently is Spetsnaz GRU.

Spetsnaz GRU are the result of throwing pipe-hittin' Russians into one of the most rigorous training programs ever known.

The Russian military is full of badass motherfuckers. From the sacrifical tactics utilized on World War II (Minefield "tramplers" come to mind) to just about any current and former special force, all classified as Spetsnaz, there is a reason Russia is one of the most feared and impenetrable countries, and a reason why you'd never want to be on the wrong end of a Spetsnaz hatchet throwing. These guys are fucking hardcore.

There isn't enough time in the world to learn everything I want to know about everything, but next time I take a trip to the bookstore, I know the topic of interest I'll be searching for.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Speaking of Cannibals...

It's such a temptation to just keep posting VICE documentaries. They have done some really interesting stuff.

Posting this specifically for a friend who I was talking to about it earlier today.

Would love to get my hands on the photo book. That would make for a real conversation starter around the coffee table.

Allah Hu Akbar

Some murderous, sexually repressed monkeys do what they do best; torture a man to death via a severe, brutal beating. God is great, indeed.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Taiji Dolphin Slaughter

Dolphins are my favorite animals on the planet apart from cats, and I am including humans in this assessment who rank just below bug carcasses on my own personal food chain.

Apart from just being plain amazing and beautiful, they are thought to be among the more intelligent creatures on Earth, and a lot of their behavior and the way they communicate is still something of an ongoing mystery.

The Jappos are the butt of dolphin and whale hunting jokes for a good reason, and the dolphin hunting season around the town of Taiji is a prime example of exactly why this is.

People blowing their brains out has never been a big deal for me. Bodies getting tossed into flaming pits? No problem. Dolphins getting slaughtered by the masses, helping to ruin an already delicate ocean ecosystem that is in the worst state the world has ever seen it?

Bring on the suicide videos, seriously.

 Each year from September to May over 20,000 dolphins are slaughtered in Japan. Fishermen round them up by the hundreds using sound barriers to disorient and herd the frantic pods out of their normal migrations into hidden lagoons like the one featured in The Cove. Bottlenose dolphins, especially ones that look like Flipper, are pre-selected by trainers and sold off for upwards of $200,000 to marine mammal parks around the world, where they will remain in captivity performing as circus acts. After the trainers and spectators have left, the rest of the dolphins are inhumanely killed in what can only be described as a massacre.
The article goes on to explain how the Japanese defends dolphin hunting as part of their "cultural heritage", thus justifying mass, inhumane slaughter which is to such a degree that the water is saturated with blood.

Well, in North America, a part of our "cultural heritage" is nuking the shit out of the Japanese. But we stopped doing that after the first time, for obvious reasons.

I'm not making a threat here, I'm just saying, let's all give cultural change a chance.

Fuck humanity.

Here is a full length documentary on the subject if you have an hour and a half to spare.

Quote source:


Canadian comedian Kenny Hotz decides to become a cannibal in his short lived show, Triumph of the Will.

In order to be considered a cannibal, he has to eat every element of the human body; skin, bone, blood, organ, and muscle. And surprisingly he succeeds on all fronts.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Budd Dwyer

An oldie but a goodie; the classic gunshot suicide of politician Budd Dwyer.

Favorite Youtube comment: "Nobody fires Budd Dwyer but Budd Dwyer."

Holocaust Art and Nazor The Great

Had some of these images hanging around. Mostly it was an excuse to post the last picture which I find to be unintentionally amusing. You get a much better picture if you click one, then you can just shuffle through them.


Tuesday, February 5, 2013


This blog is a lot of fun because often times the pestilence seems to speak for itself.

Liberia is one of the worst shitholes on the planet. I'm sure I would sleep a little better at night were it wiped off the face of the Earth

Vice did a fantastic documentary on this wretched, AIDS infested stain on the surface of the world. They compared it to a hell on Earth.

Of course, that makes it more than appropriate for Rotting Earth.

That was fun, wasn't it?

West Point was the most fascinating bit of disturbia in the documentary. Here are some more fun filled pictures of Liberia in case that wasn't disgusting enough.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Grave Exhumation

Fuck Islam? Fuck people.

This too is an older video, but one that I think paints a pretty picture of the kind of horrific nonsense people are capable of.

Yes, people. Despite popular thinking, I do not have any desire to shit all over Muslims or any other kind of religious group. It is people who commit these acts; how they are brainwashed into being capable of doing so is irrelevant in my opinion.

Just another fine day on planet Earth, another example of why man is the most vicious animal of them all.

This particular beheading took place because the victim converted to Christianity according to the information I was able to dig up. Not that it fucking matters really, since I am not really trying to make a point by posting it except maybe that it did not make a difference whose God this poor bastard chose to believe in.

Oh, and also, fuck Islam anyway. Just because I feel dirty sounding like I am trying to be apologetic towards their backwards agenda.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Decomposing Body

Just because I am feeling particularly festive and celebratory, here is a follow up to the autopsy video; a decomposing human corpse.


This could very well be a completely seperate video from what I remember, but a few years ago I recall seeing a full length autopsy that was very similar to this one, which seems to be the same video cut down to around ten minutes in length.

There is something primal and terrifying about looking behind the eyes of someone. Not as much now that I am a little older. But it is a stark reminder of our ultimate mortality, and a morbid curiosity of mine. Corpses are neat.