Tuesday, February 19, 2013

PETA and Criminal Activism

I am only posting this to shed light on the other side of the coin. To keep things perfectly crystal clear, I am against any kind of activism that breaks the law or infringes on others' legal rights.

Rotting Earth is transforming into a place for me to express my personal values as someone who is against the mistreatment of animals, and humans' active role in destroying the world around them. It is observational, and while I definitely support global change, the point of my blog is pretty clear; we are doomed to a dying world, and even if we do manage to affect change, the world won't be around forever.

I choose a lifestyle of minimizing my impact on other living things and on being more environmentally sound as a personal liberation, and not to inspire others to do the same. I frankly couldn't give a fuck what other people do because I am realistic about the rapid declination of civilization. You could argue I do it to be "morally superior", but I like to look at it another way; it's one more way for me to separate myself from the insanity of the herd.

I am not interested in sitting around at a vegetarian pot luck dinner and feeling like I am somehow making a difference. There are more tangible things I can do in order to do that, and it starts at home. But where it ends shouldn't be firebombing, bullying, and violence.

Rotting Earth exists to shed light on violent nature of humanity. When the time comes where I feel like I want to do something more tangible, it will be followed through in a thoroughly researched, legally sound manner.

As for the Bullshit episode, I DO think humans are on equal ground to non-human animals. And I DON'T find comparisons of mass produced, murdered animals to be fundamentally different from the events of the holocaust. We are all animals. I also do understand fang and claw, and the natural order, and hunting an animal and using every part of it is something I do find to be fundamentally FAR less abhorrent than meat processing plants. If I were out in the wild, and forced to survive, I would kill, like any other animal, to eat if I had too. But living in the Western world, I have the opportunity to forgo involvement in those industries on levels others don't, so I choose to take advantage of that privilege - plain and simple. It's about minimizing impact to me, wherever possible, and eliminating my involvement in an industry I feel is contributing to things I find to be against my personal values.

I am selfish, and I don't believe there is hope for the world. I am in this for me. Being a Satanist, that should come as little surprise to anyone who has a grasp on the values I hold. But it's something I feel I need to press so that I am not incidentally associated with the wrong kinds of people - humanitarians and extremists alike. I am not on either side of the coin. I am on my own side.

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