Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Greater Good

Although this blog is specifically designed to be a buffet-style look at the bizarre, grotesque, and macabre, I don't mind posting something relevant to my "cause" every once in awhile, and this is something that has been on my mind lately.

First off, if I were to describe my worldview in a word, it would be "disenchanted." I have come to a conclusion that human progress as it stands is something of an illusion, and that things are getting worse at a rate where this no possibility of salvation. The overpopulation problem, the growing damage to the environment around us, and an obsession with vices and popular opinion have reached a devastating high. In short, I don't hold a lot of faith in the human species, so I focus exclusively on looking out for myself and the people close to me - the rest of them be damned.

That being said, there are some issues I hold close to my heart. For however long humans continue to writhe and ferment like the growing yeast they are, we will continue to ruin the world around us, and this is a problem I find to be unforgivable. The decline of our civilization is inevitable, and one day we will likely be wiped out by a cataclysm or some other life destroying event that will render us effectively extinct. I just hope it happens before we make it out into space and start ruining the rest of the galaxy, but like a galactic etch a sketch, the universe has plenty of ways to wipe the slate clean through natural causes alone. We are a doomed creature one way or another, and finite, both on a small scale and in the big picture. But in the meantime, we also must look for meaning in our own lives, and in order to stay sane despite this inevitability, should find things we think to be valuable and hold them close to us. The environment is one of those things for me, and anything I can do to fight back against the rushing tide of subhuman filth ever polluting the desolate shores of existence will, at the very least, give me just one more reason to wake up every day.

Truth be told, most animal rights activists, vegetarians, and any other collective that is in favor of helping the world around them are full of lunatics who I am not interested spending a single second with. People who think animals talk to them, and who talk about the "spirituality" of animals, or any of this other bullshit are just as reprehensible to me as the people actively killing the planet, just because they are all fundamentally irritating in one way or another. It's actually embarrassing to actually be seen "going green" because I simply don't want to be associated with this self-righteous brand of back-patting faggotry.

But the cause shouldn't suffer just because the people who support it are insufferable. I am definitely all for taking action to help the preservation of the environment, the protection of animals (not animal "rights", since human "rights" themselves are, too, a fallacious illusion believed by only the most short-sighted) and other related causes that will help to preserve the planet in the coming years. Although I am largely concerned with my own life, the life of my children and the people I love (and their children) are of equal importance to me, because without those rare few individuals whose company I cherish so much, life would be something less than it is. And at its lowest low, I have found it can be pretty unbearable, even in such good company.

I have made the choice to become a vegetarian, not out of the ethical conundrum of being omnivorous, but simply out of the choice to stop supporting an inefficient industry and the polluted, ruined food it provides. I have no interest in becoming vegan; valuable nutrients and vitamins such as B12 can be obtained from animal foods ALONE, and I am not at all a believer in purely relying on a supplement to get what nature expects of us. But cutting out the eating of flesh is something I am all for. If I had to eat meat to survive, I certainly would. But at this point, I don't feel that is a necessity. Eggs and dairy are fine in my books, though I would prefer finding alternative sources for those things rather than a big brand grocery store.

This leads me to the real point I am trying to make; supporting local causes. A long time ago, a dear friend of mine and I had a lengthy discussion about operating as a close knit community, rather than relying constantly on the consumerism of big business in order to survive. The exchange of resources on a local level is a far more idyllic way to live than existing constantly at the bottom of the oppressive, systemic pyramid of faceless corporate entities. It isn't so much to make a stand; it's more about being self efficient in my opinion, and knowing just where your hard earned money is going - directly into the pockets of people who you can meet, and actually want to support. I hate knowing my dollars are going to support some suited degenerate narcissist scumbag who will simply use it with the singular purpose of acquiring more of it, only to hang himself in a hotel room one night because he can't figure out why his retarded ass is so fucking miserable.

I don't want anything from society anymore. The human race is as loathsome to me as it ever has been. And this revelation doesn't come as a result of depression or loneliness, but instead, is directly affected by my increased mental stability over the last two months. Going through hard times and climbing out of the bottom of the void opened my eyes, and after completely rejecting all forms of time-wasting media and entertainment, and focusing exclusively on restructuring my worldview and immersing myself in my own epicurean world, I was able to make several vital decisions as to what my plan of action would be - and what purpose I would adopt for myself as a human being always teetering on the very edge of extinction.

Find what works. Immerse yourself in the things you enjoy. Weed out the rest. Systematically reject the people who waste your time, and feed on your emotions. Embrace the ones who don't.

I have no time for the cancerous subhumans who I have dealt with in the past, and who do little more than to physically suck energy and time from everyone around them because they are too depressed and miserable to look themselves in the mirror. Death is too good for these social lampreys who constantly ask for something, and offer nothing of value in return, emotional or otherwise. They need to be exterminated with extreme prejudice. This is a lesson EVERYONE would be better of learning sooner than later, although many people thrive on the masochism and false "altruism" they feel when lifting these loathsome, worthless scumbags up on their shoulders only to be trampled on at any given opportunity.

The modern world can go fuck itself. All that matters to me now is me and mine; I don't need to justify my decisions to anyone but myself. And I choose to minimize my connections with the hive mind of planet Earth whenever humanly possible. At the same time, living a completely selfish, hedonistic lifestyle is not something I can find joy in for long. So I also choose to adopt a purpose, to do what I can, starting in small ways, to help to protect the world around me. Not because I have anything to prove, but because we all need a reason, and a place, to live. I'd rather see the planet I exist on do better than worse, even with the knowledge of its inevitable, unstoppable destruction. I'd rather go out with a fight because to do anything else would be against the one thing I stand for; self-preservation.

People simply can't be my reason to live. And I have no interest in devoting my time and energy to helping the unfortunate dregs of society. My philanthropy exists out of spite for their existence, the parasitic infestation that they are. Animals are better than people, and they, and the natural environment they inhabit, deserve a hell of a lot more help than people do.

Just my ranting opinion, but it's a pretty clear outline about how I feel. If you are reading this you're in my good books; if you aren't, I'm not dangerous to you anyways - you'll never see me because I'll be avoiding you at every possible opportunity.

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